Water Babies DOLL swim in the pool Baby Doll toy playing kids fun dolls pool

Diana goes to swim in the pool with the new Super Doll — Water Babies. Dolls Water Babies can swim in the water Water Babies doll will make the company to dip in the pool. New Doll perfectly swims and floats in the pool. It is like a living child, with a solid vinyl head, body Dolls Water Babies — pleasant to the touch rubber. Doll Lauer Toys Water Babies — Super Doll. Diana is very interesting to play with it and swim in the pool. Doll Water Babies — Baby Doll Dark-skinned. Diana like dark-skinned dolls. Dolls can be filled with warm water through the hole on the back, the water does not come out. When the valve is open, air filled doll. Games dolls are Pool most fun games for Diana. We play with dolls in the swimming pool. Water games.

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